Campers Paul and Karen Shiebler
of Winchendon, Massachusetts


Camper Paul Shiebler’s family has historic roots into the original campground. According to Paul:

“William Alexander Pittendreigh, my Great Uncle Bill, was born on March 7, 1881. He was a life long teacher at the New Bedford, Mass. Vocational High School, and was the head of the Machine Shop, retiring at age 70. He began camping at Dolly Copp around 1920.

Since he was a school teacher, he was able to spend all summer (10 weeks!) camping there with his wife Ninita and their children. Bill's wife Ninita was my grandmother Ethel's sister.

Bill and Ninita had three children, Janet, Mac, and Wally. The family also did a great deal of hiking in the surrounding mountains.

My mother Virginia Herring's (Ginny) family, parents Lloyd and Ethel Herring, sister Esther, and brother Curt, began joining their Uncle Bill at Dolly Copp in the early 1930's, and the three kids joined in the hiking.

My love of Dolly Copp and hiking in the White Mountains was passed on to me by my mother Ginny, and I have since passed it on to my three children

Today there are few things more important to me in my life, few things that touch my soul like Dolly Copp, the most sacred place in my personal universe."


1920s - Photo by Pittendreighs


1933 - Pittendreighs at Tuckerman Ravine Snow Arch


1935 - Sisters Ginny and Terry Herring
at top of Mount Madison


1935 - Ginny and Louis at top of Mount Madison


1938 - Mrs. Langdon, Harold, Ginny, Stan, Mrs. Allbach,
Don, Carl, Attendant, Mr. Allbach at Carter Dome Fire Tower



1938 - Carter Dome Fire Tower


1938 - Ginny takes a break


1939 - Paul's mother Virginia (Ginny)
Herring and Freda washing


1939 - Ginny at the Peabody River


1939 - Ginny at Rangers Pool


1939 - Pittendreigh / Herring / Shiebler Family


Late - 1930’s Esther Herring (Terry)
on top of Huntington Ravine


1940 - Terry and Ginny Herring and friends


1940 - Ginny and Carl


1940 - Ginny


1947 - Paul's Grandparents
Lloyd and Ethel Herring


1952 - Chris Shiebler feeding Iggy


1953 - Ginny and Chris with
Bill Pittendreigh and wife Ninita


1954 - Chris with parents Ginny and Frank Shiebler


1954 - Frank and Chris Shiebler


1954 - Above and below: Shieblers
witness Hurricane Carol flooding
Culhane Brook over Campground Road


1954 - Hurricane Carol floods the Peabody River


1954 - Leaving Campground due to Hurricane Carol,
intersection with Route 16 to east in background


1955 - Chris Shiebler


1955 - Chris at fireplace


1955 - Chris and his father Frank Shiebler


1957 - Paul Shiebler at Swimming Pool


1957 - Ginny feeding Iggy


1964 - Paul Shiebler feeding Iggy


1964 - Ginny Shiebler, Ethel Herring
and Paul Shiebler in End Loop


1964 - Grandfather Lloyd Herring


1986 - Paul with daughter Katie at Culhane Brook


1986 - Karen, Paul and Katie


2001 - Chris, Terry, Paul and Rick


2009 - Paul and Karen's children
Tim, Katie and Matt Shiebler


2009 - Some participants in Shiebler Family
Reunion, at Hole Number 3 on Route 16