These priceless Cummings Family photos, made available in 2011 by Brenda Cummings:

I'm Brenda Cummings, granddaughter of "Mrs. Cummings" [Emma Cummings] referred to in the 1950s page. Really, my grandmother's time at Dolly Copp spanned from the 1920s, before there was a Dolly Copp Campground, through the 1970s.

We have many years of photos from Dolly Copp that we'd be happy to share. Some are great representations of the early camping days, for example, with army tents. Others show the swimming hole, and there are some great group shots from when my father was a teenager/young man.

Some of my favorites are the early vehicles they took to Dolly Copp, including one with camping gear tied onto the front hood so that it seems unlikely that they could safely drive.... At least once, my father and some friends bicycled to Dolly Copp from Bath, Maine.

My father and his siblings say that what is now End Lane was for many years known as Emma's Lane. My aunt Margery says that Emma was in charge of the sports equipment used at the sports field for many years.

Emma spent most summers at Dolly Copp; when she was forced to leave when the maximum stay limits were put in place, she remained in the area at a different campground until she could return. Later, she bought a small piece of land in Conway where she could camp for the mandatory "days off" before returning to Dolly Copp.


Cummings cousin Donald Morse, Emma's nephew, who visited Dolly Copp
in the mid 1940's with cousins and a friend. First on a 230 mile round
trip on bikes and the next year driving his Model T Ford.

Family members clustered around the Ford.


Albert Cummings on the left, Margery is the center girl.


Emma's six children. From left Albert, Carolyn, Bob, Eleanor, Bill and Margery.




This is Margery.


The next two below may be quite historic. I got the information that this is Carolyn Cummings with baby Skip. They look like Pine Mountain to me. Consider this text from the Pine Mountain page:

This historic tidbit from the December 1951 edition of Appalachia Magazine is of interest:

The marble seat which had been placed on the southwest shoulder of Pine Mountain at the top of the cliff looking toward the massif of the Presidential Range was destroyed by lightning in the spring of this year.

It has now been replaced by a seat of similar dimensions cut into the rock. On the back of the seat is the simple inscription Carol Williams Horton, the name of the woman to whom the seat is a memorial.

The original marble seat was erected in 1948 in memory of Mrs. Douglas Horton by the Wellesley Class of
1885 of which Mrs. Horton was the class baby.

The spot has become a great rendezvous for walkers from all the country round, and not least for those from the Dolly Copp Camp, now administered by the Appalachian Mountain Club.

So, the key question is, could this photo be the marble seat, having been taken between 1948 and 1951? If so we have a real piece of local history.




Bob Cummings writing in April of 2012: The view on top of the mountain shows the
Imp summit. Those whose faces can be seen I think are Arthur Morse (Don's brother)
and Kenny MacDonald, a family friend. Photo was probably taken in 1945.



According to Bob Cummings "the packed car with a trailer in tow are the Cummings
departing Dolly Copp at the end of a summer visit, probably in the early 40s. Emma went to
work as a machinist in the shipyard in Bath in 1942 or 1943 and didn't
return to Dolly Copp until after the war, when she returned
to school teaching, her profession before her marriage.