Camper Cynthia Esielionis, from one of Dolly Copp's long time camping families, wrote in October of 2010:

The Stepanian and Guloyan families have been camping at Dolly Copp since the 1930s. Now, five generations have enjoyed the campground and surrounding areas.

A much overdue reunion in August of 2010 brought members of the youngest three generations together again.
To understand the relationships, we must go back to Paris Stepanian and Saten Guloyan who were sisters:

Paris and Sharam Stepanian had two children: Sharon “Cheri” Stepanian and Siroon “Ronnie” Stepanian. Cheri’s two children Guy DiRubio and Shelley Murray now each have teenaged children Mattisen and Nick DiRubio and Adam Murray.

Ronnie’s children Greg and Teck Alexander also have children, some of whom are pictured in the 2010 photos below. Teck Alexander and wife Suzie (Mohler) Alexander had Paris and Jordan Alexander.

Saten Guloyan had one son, Vaughn Guloyan. Vaughn Guloyan and wife Anne Davis Guloyan had two children, Jonathan and Cynthia “Happy” Guloyan. Cynthia and husband John Esielionis have two children Erika and Katherine Esielionis.

From left Sharon Stepanian standing with ax, Saten Guloyan,
Paris Stepanian, Vaughn Guloyan standing, Ronnie Stepanian on ground


Stepanian family in front of tent. Left to right are Sharon "Cheri" bent over,
dad, Sharam Stepanian, Paris Stepanian and "Ronnie" sitting on mom


Paris Stepanian holding Ronnie, Sharon (Cheri) seated (1930s)


Photo was taken on Swimming Pool Drive. Cynthia states "The
woman seated was my father's (Vaughn Guloyan) grandmother,
Elmas Boyajian and Uncle John Boyajian, his mother,
Saten Boyajian (sister to John) and himself in 1939.


CCC boy at left, at right is Cheri Stepanian in front
of campsite on Swimming Pool Drive (likely 1941)




Camper Cheri Stepanian on Bridge near 1941

Back row: Mattisen DiRubio, Jordan Alexander, Adam Murray
and Erika Esielionis. Front Row: Paris Alexander and Katherine Esielionis.

Back row: Guy DiRubio, Adam Murray. Front row: Ronnie (Stepaninan) Alexander,
Paris Alexander, Mattisen DiRubio Shelley (DiRubio) Murray, Jordan Alexander,
Suzie (Mohler) Alexander, Sharon (Cheri Stepanian) DiRubio at Site 35 in Big Meadow.

Stepaninan sisters Sharon Cheri DiRubio and Ronnie Alexander


Sharon Cheri DiRubio, Ronnie Alexander
and the late Vaughn Guloyan


Sharon DiRubio, Anne Guloyan, Ronnie Alexander
and the late Vaughn Guloyan at Big Meadow Site 10


Paris Alexander, Mattisen DiRubio, Adam Murray,
Katherine Esielionis, Erika Esielionis
Tubing in the Peabody River

Guy DiRubio Vaughn Guloyan, Anne Guloyan, Cynthia (Guloyan)
Esielionis, John Esielionis, Erika Esielionis (Big Meadow Site 10)


Suzie (Molher) Alexander, Guy DiRubio and Ronnie Alexander