Is Mount Madison the most attractive of the Presidentials? This is a more serious question than it may first appear.

While not the highest peak, its position as the north anchor of the range provides unique vistas, majesty and mystique.

In a more mundane vein Dolly Copp campers have always used its clarity to judge the weather for the day.

Mount Madison is due west of the Campground. Madison's
Howker Ridge extending northeast is particularly
prominent in photos taken from Dolly Copp.

Harold Boodry's site in the 1920s.


See a highly detailed version of the above
scene from the Scott McClory Dolly Copp Collection.

Photo courtesy of Bob Rich





Excerpt from cover of a 1961 brochure listing all public and private
camping facilities in New Hampshire. See cover full view.
Source: Scott McClory Dolly Copp Collection.

Sixties post card.

Sixties post card.

Sixties post card.

Moon about to set behind Madison.