Links to larger sized maps are spread throughout this web site. For ease of access and comparison these links to larger overview maps are listed below:

--- Comparative 1915, 1935, 1940, 1955 and 2000 Roadway Circulation Patterns (256 kb). Spend a minute here for a quick grasp of Campground development over time.

--- 1915 USFS Sketch Map of Fields, Farms and Buildings in Copp Farm Vicinity (133 kb). An invaluable base for this history.

--- 1916 USFS Dolly Copp Farm Summer Homes Sites (315 kb). An early development idea that fortunately was not pursued.

--- 1935 USGS Map of Campground and Vicinity (476 kb). Confirms pattern of lanes and drives as evolving between 1915 and 1940.

--- 1935 USGS Map of the Town of Gorham (2.2 mb).

--- 1936 Motor Guide for Vicinity (292 kb). The roads in red had blacktop then, Route 16 here was dirt.

--- 1938 USFS Tourist Map for Vicinity (136 kb).

Excerpt from 1938 USFS Map.

--- 1940 USFS Map of Dolly Copp Camp Sites (645 kb). Comparison of this 1940 Campground map with the 1915 map above and the contemporary map of sites below was one of the core activities of this research. We can be thankful that the 1915 and 1940 maps were thoughtfully preserved by the Forest Service.

--- Contemporary USGS Map of Vicinity (1 mb).

--- Contemporary USGS Map of Vicinity with Color Contours (916 kb). Color was applied at 300 foot intervals to dramatize relative slope. Sample:

--- Contemporary USGS Map of Presidential Range and Vicinity (1.4 mb). Dolly Copp (within red circle) shown in its broader topographical context.

--- Contemporary USFS Map of Dolly Copp Camp Site Locations (864 kb). This map was for many years distributed to arriving campers at the Gate House.

View south of Peabody River from Picnic Area.

Dolly Copp Campground does not exist in isolation. It is intimately tied to local people and is an integral part of the economy of the Berlin - Gorham Area. Exploration of these links will increase your appreciation for this unique section of New Hampshire.

--- The Randolph Mountain Club has a fine web site with much detail about history and hiking across Mount Madison to the west.

--- The Mount Washington Observatory site provides information on all aspects of Mount Washington.

--- The Town of Gorham, New Hampshire to the north is the nearest supply center. Get to know Gorham from the Town of Gorham web site.

--- Don't miss the museum maintained by the Gorham Historical Society. Its exhibits provide a fine orientation to the history of the area and include the spinning wheel of Dolly Copp herself.

--- WhiteMountainHistory.org. Telling the story of 200 years of White Mountain History.

--- And no Dolly Copp vacation is complete without a visit to the City of Berlin, NH.

--- Coos Conversations, a blog on issues concerning Coos County, New Hampshire. "The North Country evokes a unique passion in anyone who knows it."