Very early photo as post card title states "The Spring at U.S.F.S
Public Camp Ground," no Copp name included in title as yet.
See image above at large scale (900 kb).

Source: Scott McClory Dolly Copp Collection.

Early photo, as only in the first few years was the
name "Copp Spring Public Camp Ground" in use

Another "Copp Spring" camping shot (cite pedigree)
See above as wider view with more detail.

Looking north at early Picnic Area camping.

See above as central excerpt detail on the six people.
Photo courtesy of David Veit.

After storm of November 4, 1927.
Photo courtesy of David Moore.

Above and below are two versions of a popular Dolly Copp
related post card, most prevalent in the twenties and thirties.

Source: Scott McClory Dolly Copp Collection
See larger detailed view.

See larger image of above.

Post card of Picnic Area from 1966.

Fireplace in late 1990's before restoration.

Fireplace in early 2000's after restoration.