Most of the photos below were donated by campers for display during the USFS's 75th anniversary celebration of the Campground in 1996. Please let me know if you have names of persons, dates of scenes, etc. which will be promptly added to this page.

Study by Scott McClory determined the above to be
an early colorized Dolly Copp Campground scene.

Source: Scott McClory Dolly Copp Collection.


Above from Stepanian Family Collection 1930's

Above from Stepanian Family Collection 1930's

Paul Shiebler's Aunt Terry at far left.


Children of Peter and Susan Wood,
Dave at left and Tim at right, with
family dog Toby at Rangers Pool in 1986

Our first Golden Retriever Toby died in the Fall of 1996, and in 1997 we buried his ashes just up the Daniel Webster Trail, by the big pine. On our last day of that camp, we went up to visit the burial spot.

As I came level with it (Sue was just behind), I almost fell over at the sight of a young Golden Retriever coming bounding down the Daniel Webster Trail – it looked so like Toby. A few seconds later his owners came into sight – exhausted of course as just about anybody doing that trail ends up.

These days you see us with Tucker, whose full name is Tuckerman, after the Ravine. For some reason, whenever we go for our little strolls up the Daniel Webster Trail, Tucker goes off trail and sits down where we buried Toby’s ashes. - Peter Wood 2010.

But then sad news below arrived from Sue Wood in December of 2010:

I wanted to tell you that my husband, Peter Wood died two weeks ago after a two year struggle with acute leukemia. We had seen you at Dolly Copp last year in October on a glorious sunny day, just before it snowed, Peter’s last visit to his beloved Dolly Copp.

We have had his memorial and I wanted to show you how our son Dave had incorporated a map of Dolly Copp on the outside of the handout for people attending:

Posted with permission

It meant a great deal to us to have it presented in this way and I thought you would like to see it.

- Sue Wood 2010.



The Smith Family Christmas celebration is on every Columbus Day
Weekend on Sites 134 and 136. As this large and long time
camping family cannot have the whole clan together for every
holiday, they focus on Columbus Day Weekend for a light hearted
celebration of all the late in the year holidays

Wagon ride near Play Field, part of
the 75th anniversary celebration in 1996.

Mark Chaisty commenting in 2009 on his family's deep roots at Dolly Copp:

"My beloved Grandparents John and Inez Chaisty had been campers from sometime in the 1940's until the early 1990's. I credit John and Inez for the life fulfilling experience that Dolly Copp has become for myself, and now my family. John and Inez were amongst the earliest, if not the earliest, Campground Hosts as we know them today.

My favorite place in the world is now and always has been Dolly Copp Campground in the White Mountains. Now later in life and seemingly coincidental, I can look out any window on the north side of my home and see the White Mountains.

John and Inez had three sons who like myself, grew up with Dolly Copp in their lives and an overwhelming fondness for that patch of Heaven on Earth. My Dad Ken was the eldest of the three. The other two were John Jr., and Dennis. Only Uncle Dennis is still with us.

John and Inez Chaisty at Site 169 in 1988.
They had “an overwhelming fondness
for that patch of Heaven on Earth.”

My Dad loved Dolly Copp so much we would still visit at least once every summer even when we lived as far away as Virginia. I believe it was the summer of 1973, Dad packed us up in his new truck, hooked up the camper and away we went. I remember it like it was yesterday.

When the last morning dawned and my brothers and I were struck with the reality of leaving DC for another long winter, our father surprised us with the news. I was never so happy when he informed us we were moving back to Massachusetts; he missed being close to Dolly Copp."

Eric Lord atop Imp Face August 2010.

Sue (Ogle) Lord and Meghan Lord on
Imp looking west towards Dolly Copp.

Meghan Lord's 10th birthday party at Site 165,
August, 2010. From left Eric, Alex, Sue and Meghan.

Meghan Lord's Fairy House on Site 165. Created
August 2010, still undisturbed when photo taken October 2010.