A special feature of Dolly Copp is the inter-generational loyalty of many camping families. Without their contributions of old photos and memories this hobby project would not have been possible:

Totem pole carver Jay Milliken with dog Ben.


From left are Ginny Milliken, George Brackett, daughter of Bob Kent with
sons to rear, Bernie Brackett, Hayes Field host Bob Kent and Bob Rich.
Posted 2009, photo may be older.

Long time campers Emily and Bradford Adler
celebrating their 40th Wedding Anniversary
at Dolly Copp in the summer of 2009.
See image at full resolution (504kb).


Long time camper Tom Kuzia, author of the
Dolly Copp Song, at totem pole in early eighties.

"I wrote this song back in the seventies while camped at Dolly Copp Campground in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. It was inspired by God's beauty and all the wonderful people we met there thru the years.

But there are two people who have given their time and their hearts and deserve this beautiful land that God has given us. I dedicate this song to them, Jay and Ginny Milliken."

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Long time camper Tom Kuzia at home in Beacon Falls, CT in 2011.

"What is most valuable is not what we have in our lives, but who we
have in our lives. Talk to Jesus..... He likes to hear from you!"
-- Tom Kuzia

Deep feelings for Dolly Copp Campground are being passed on now to younger family members such as those in the Denbow and Shiebler Families:

Christina Denbow with framed poem about
her experience at Dolly Copp Campground.
Read text of Christina's poem.

Posted 2009, photo may be older.

Tim, Katie and Matt Shiebler in 2009.


Many of the photos below were donated by campers for display during the USFS's 75th anniversary celebration of the Campground in 1996.


Early USFS promotional photo for Dolly Copp
Campground. Men can't get away with this today (at least I can't).

Above from Stepanian Family Collection 1930's

Part of the Dolly Copp Pool is in the upper left background.

Dolly Copp's Ranger Smitty.

At center is Robert Ross of Gorham as a CCC worker.

Above and below from
Stephanian Family Collection


See the 1982 news article
"Dolly Copp Mayor is quite a guy"

As noted in earlier sections one of the formative forces for the creation of Dolly Copp Campground was its excellent location as a base for climbing New England's highest peaks nearby.

Climbers remain a significant component of Dolly Copp campers today, either driving a short distance to a trail head or accessing the Presidential Range directly from the Campground.

Dolly Copp campers Mark and Elizabeth Lewonis of Lovell,
Maine, on the summit of nearby Mount Madison. See full photo.

Mark and Elizabeth assisted this history project in 2009 by locating the gravestone of Hayes Copp and forwarding a photo for use on this site. According to Mark and Elizabeth:

We have stayed at Dolly Copp Campground several times. Elizabeth and I are accomplished NH 4000 foot club peak baggers and we stayed at Dolly Copp Campground to hike Mount Madison to complete the list.

The morning of our hike a great horned owl swooped down to a branch not more than eight feet from us and winked at us. So I guess perhaps that Dolly the host in spirit wished us luck that day.

We welcome anyone that wants to email (mr_mark@gotsky.com) and discuss Dolly Copp Campground or hiking or anything for that matter. We are always willing to expand our network.

Photo and text below from Jay Milliken in 2009:

Here is a photo of long time camper Gus Spurr, originally from Maine, now living in Florida. He has been coming to Dolly Copp for over fifty years.

Gus Spurr playing his trumpet in Hayes Field in 1968.

The story is he would play his trumpet every night that he was camped in Hayes Field. The campers would bring their chairs to his site and make requests of songs and sing along with his trumpet playing. He would start off with playing about three quarters of an hour before dusk.

The trumpet playing ended a few years ago but Gus has an electric piano now and runs it by a generator. Many campers over the years have enjoyed his entertainment while camping at Dolly Copp.