Brad Ray of the USFS places the construction of the Hayes Copp Ski Trail in 1981. An initial portion of the Ski Trail was developed on an old logging road that appears on the 1935 map.

That rough road generally paralleled the south side of Miss Barnes Brook and extended westward, beyond the boundary of Martin’s Location, to about the 1750 foot contour. Its total length approaches a distance of about one mile from the main road. Remnants of this old road were visible in the fifties (CH) and its original grading still remains distinct today.

It is the first approximately 2000 feet of the Ski Trail that makes use of the old logging road. The Trail climbs westerly until it meets a spur of Miss Barnes Brook and then ascends southwesterly paralleling that watercourse.

Where the Ski Trail levels off at about the 1,400 foot contour and turns south is the vicinity where the old logging road diverges, this junction still visible.

The term “old logging road” may be somewhat of a misnomer as USFS sanctioned commercial logging is still practiced in this vicinity, including cutting activity observed in the winter of 1998 (shown below).

The Ski Trail then continues on through a total of about eight miles of forest to the borders of the Great Gulf Wilderness Area.

An easy way to see the Trail during the camping season is from the rear of Brook Loop, where the spur to the water supply tank continues on as a path to intersect the nearby Trail. Turn right for a pretty walk northerly along the Ski Trail and end at the Gatehouse Area.

The 2003 USFS brochure for the Hayes Copp Ski Trail stated “This has been a popular ski touring area for years. Skiers used to park at the Dolly Copp garage, ski through the campground and up the Great Gulf Trail. Now, through the reconstruction of the system in the Martin’s Timber Sale area, skiers are able to enjoy a scenic and varied touring experience.... There are some spectacular views that may be seen from the western loops of the system.”