New sign (see larger version) placed on main
campground road near Big Meadow in early 2009.

The Forest Service contracted for significant vegetative cuts in Dolly Copp during the first half of 2009. The reasoning has been publicly posted on the sign above.

This clearance activity has been controversial, legitimate safety pruning excepted. The sign states in part "It may look a little discouraging now, but natural processes will quickly improve what we see today." But the project has been described as poorly executed and in part unnecessary.

I heard a local resident's comment that I believe rings true; the USFS services contract for the cutting work was poorly worded, insensitive to continuing ambience in an historic pedestrian area.

I was told that timber cutting contractor language suitable for an out of sight deep woods location was used, without adaptation to the special needs of a venerated and historic recreation area.

To their credit USFS staff are open to comment on their activities and protests have been made to receptive ears.

Moving into 2010, some significant changes are proposed for Dolly Copp as part of a rehabilitation project. Again there is some controversy.

But also again the Forest Service is listening and is working within the policy context is a rustic and historic federal recreational facility.

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