A visit to Dolly Copp Campground provides many special experiences. One is to meet the personable caretakers running the place. Here are David and Carol (Matthes) Evans, current hosts on Site 159 near the Copp Memorial, Imp photo by Carol October 2017.


Dolly Copp Campground is located in a rural
and rugged section of northern New Hampshire.

This is a hobby site dedicated to preserving the history of Dolly Copp Campground.

Campground visitors can enhance their experience when aware of the colorful history that surrounds their temporary home.

With its large capacity, spacious sites and spectacular White Mountains scenery, Dolly Copp has been for many decades the most popular campground in New England.

Indeed, Dolly Copp Campground is the “Grand Old Lady” of public campgrounds in New Hampshire.

The Campground has a long history. For an overview see:



Campground layout and vicinity. See
wider view and detail. Then rise above to
the relationship to the nearby Presidential Range.


Dolly Copp as a nearby attraction on
a 2009 Gorham, NH tourist brochure.

NH Route 16 at lower left,
Peabody River in foreground, with
Dolly Copp Campground adjacent to west.

Major site contributor Scott McClory
with wife Jennifer in 2008.


Saturday evening program
at Dolly Copp Visitors Center.


Leisure time: catching up with family and friends.


Then of course there is camping in the rain, it must be admitted, a crimp on everyone's style. Motor homes and trailers weather it best of course, those in tents more impacted. But options include card games, books, fires under a canopy anyway, a day shopping in North Conway, etc.

With the Peabody River Valley the deepest in the White Mountains and the Presidential Range its own micro-climate, the comings and goings of rain storms near Dolly Copp can provide fierce spectacles. Such displays can be enjoyed right at your campsite. For a beautiful example see the August 2001 photo by Scott McClory below:

Your webmaster - host is Jonathan Chew of Beacon Falls, Connecticut. I have been a Dolly Copp camper since 1962.

When you see the many sources and contributors you will be aware this site is very much a group effort.

I appreciate site feedback, regularly post additional old campground photos sent to me, etc. and can be reached at doloresjonathan@hotmail.com (note changed 8/2012).


Dolly and Jon Chew in October 2008.


Paul Shiebler in 2012 - his family
has camped at Dolly Copp for 90 years!

"There are few things more
important to me in my life, few
things that touch my soul like Dolly Copp,
the most sacred place in my personal universe."

Now here is a guy who
is really into the place! -Jon