Dolly Copp

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Story of Dolly Copp Campground: I first visited the Campground in 1962. Many old time campers there had deep connections to the place and spoke about changes over the years. Sensing an interesting story, I took notes and copied their photos. A booklet “The Story of Dolly Copp Campground” was the result.

I was honored by its review in the Summer 2000 Windswept Magazine, the Bulletin of the Mount Washington Observatory: “A well-illustrated, well researched monograph on one of the White Mountains' earliest campgrounds. Worth the notice of anyone interested in the broader history of the White Mountains.”

Biographies of Copps and Pinkhams Added: My research then expanded as an ongoing hobby project. I added biographies of Dolly and Hayes Copp and found they reflect much of northern New Hampshire history. The Copps had close links to the Daniel Pinkham Family (Pinkham Notch namesake). The great orator Edward Everett Hale praised Hayes. Author Louisa May Alcott recorded Dolly's story.

Historic Sites in Surrounding Peabody Valley: Until now an untold tale. Once the Valley became valuable for tourism the pioneer community was uprooted by a cunning entrepreneur. See what is happening on the six early homesteads today. And how Dolly's relatives, the neighboring Culhanes, lived lives worth remembering.

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Thanks to the many persons who contributed information and photos!”